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v0.86d Patchnotes
-ADD: Fishing Nets added to rando codes
-FIX: Attempting to join a party that's already full should no longer freeze you in the loading screen, but return you to solo
-FIX: Issue where SO were not being rewarded from codes -FIX: Sig
-FIX: Scrollbars in Find Party Window should work properly now
-FIX: Event - Keyboard event focus should be more consistent in encounters/map travel
-FIX: You should no longer get stuck in edge cases without a mouse pointer in the mining window. Moving your cursor outside of the mining zone will force it to become visible again
-FIX: Fishing scores will no longer update on the ranks if they have a value of zero
-BALANCE: Event - 2nd set of EP rewards now obtainable by reaching the 5th region on MEDIUM, instead of having to fully complete MEDIUM
-BALANCE: Event - Reduced spike damage to 2% from 5%
-BALANCE: Event - Medium difficulty monster levels reduced by an additional 5 levels, along with reduced damage
-BALANCE: Event - Level gap for exp decrease now allows a bigger gap after level 30
-BALANCE: Event- Medium difficulty regen/potions now regenerate 20% instead of 10%
-VISUAL: Fishing window optimized for 40% faster rendering on high quality and 72%+ on bad/awful quality settings
-VISUAL: Primary Battle Window optimized for 30%+ rendering efficiency on all qualities
-VISUAL: AP added into Pet Arena & Battle window
-VISUAL: Event - HP/MP Bars now have text value indicators
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