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P.I.C - Community Winners!
Huge thank you to everyone who participated...I know the forum isn't the easiest to navigate if you aren't used to it, so I appreciate a lot of you going the extra mile knowing there's a big potential for no return from your efforts.

Anyways, I'm going to clear a couple things up:

  1. All the choices were mine personally. We were going to do a team vote to break it down, then have the community vote but there was too much bias there. I deal with all the ugly client-side work so a lot of these are entirely my bias in what I personally agree with and feel were great ideas for the game, simple or complex.
  2. Some submissions expired on external hosting sites. I'm really sorry but at the time of review they could not be considered :Sadf yours is one, please see if you can fix your post, because i'll still be referring to some submissions NOT in the winning list, and to allow yourself to be included in the participation rewards.
  3. The rewards have been changed. See below
Reward Changes

Participants who followed the directions and rules will be given 500 diamonds per submission category submitted. This means 500 + 500 if you submitted both, or 500 if you only submitted one.

Top Prizes
Each winning submission will recieve 20k diamonds (unless split between another submission, 10k)

Winning Submissions

New Feature

Please give us 1-2 weeks to dish out prizes. If your character name is not the same as your forum username, you must have your character name listed in the post or you forfeit your prize.


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