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BH part 2
Ray: "We shouldn't bring back the BH event, it caused too many problems"
Jay: "Alright, so what should we do now?"
Ray: "Let's redo the expedition system. We'll make it a massive money sink like BH but we'll release it under the pretense that it's balanced for everyone, especially the long term players who saved up exp points for over a year. We'll tell them those points will finally get put to good use and give them a big boost from the start"

What was said in summary

Ray: "Introducing the revamped expedition system. We know you've all been waiting on this for the better part of a year. For the long term players here, get ready to do a lot of clicking as all the gold and points you have saved up will come in handy"

What should have been said

Ray: "Introducing the revamped expedition system. We know you've all been waiting a long time for this, and it's finally here. For you long term players, get ready to do a lot of clicking. That is, if you have diamonds for it. For without diamonds, this system is next to useless to you as this is meant to be a massive money pit. Even if you've been playing since day 1, you'll get nowhere without the diamonds to fund you. For those with diamonds, you're in luck as this is the most lucrative feature in the game since BH. For the others, sorry, we don't really care about how little you get use this new system.
Well, I'm not going to go THAT far. However, I will say the main thing I liked about the original Expedition system, simple as it was, is that it was equally fair to paying and free players. Now though, yea...Diamonds of course, so once again free players have no way of keeping up. If this is just going to continue to add more and more options to buy power, then just bring the original Expedition system back.
i guess ray has lineage now which he considers the feature where f2p are on an even playing field with p2p, i dont mind this new system but the game is really a decision, do you want to be ahead at this point in time, just invest a lot into the current system thats been newly released, there are people who enjoy the game that way and its just something to accept, i just moved back to an older f2p char i have now because id rather be on an even playing field with f2p even tho im far behind then be comparing myself to f2p with a support 12 since im taking this route .-.

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