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New Gold Upgrades
So as I have heard, many people have maxed gold upgrades and nothing to spend their gold with apart from orbs and the super high auto/click speed. So I have some suggestions of gold upgrades

Enriched Power
Starting cost: 250 Billion
Ending cost: 100 Trillion
Max Level: 200
Desc: (The more gold you have on you, the more dps you get)
(This upgrade will not increase your dps by a big, but very small percentage. It could still cause a difference, lets say you have 100 Billion DPS, 50 levels of this will make it up to 105 Billion if you have enough gold. Of course you gain gold much faster as you grow, so it caps at a certain percentage, it's a pretty worthless upgrade but something to invest in as there's no other option)

EP/Support Level Power
Starting cost: 50 Billion
Ending cost: 10 Trillion
Max Level: 100
Desc: (The bonus you get from EP/SL is increased)
(I wouldn't say personally it's that good of an idea, but it is something. Of couse it wouldn't be too crazy like x2 bonus or something, but it's something to invest in yet again)

Quick Attack
Starting cost: 1 Trillion
Ending cost: 1 Quadrillion
Max Level: 300
Desc: (Very small chance of attacking straight after an attack)
Max percentage: 5%
(Very costly and expensive, however potentially very useful. Of couse the server wouldn't be able to manage that many attacks if it was a percentage like 10 or 20, so I kept it at a low rate for a high cost like auto speed. Again, it's a bit more useful and if you have nothing else to invest in it's very nice to do.)

Black Hole
Starting cost: 1,000
Ending cost: 100 Quadrillion
Max Level: 1,000
Desc: (Put in gold and collect mysterious rewards!)
(Very not worth it unless you can splash the cash, gives opportunities to exchange gold for small amounts of ap/dias (max 10 or 20) or S.O, pet food etc just random stuff for gold)

EDIT: Weakness Inflict
Starting cost: 100 Million
Ending Cost: 1 Trillion
Max Level: 200
Desc: (Lower the power of your foes!)
(This upgrade will allow you to weaken the enemy, but basically it makes you stronger against enemies, but not challenge enemies and bosses however. Also, the lower level of the enemy, the higher the damage made, meaning you could do 100 Billion damage for a lvl 1 but 80 Billion damage for a lvl 10,000. Bosses and challenge enemies wont be affected as it would be a little too op.)

I couldn't think of many other upgrades, but they were my ideas.
IGN: Clock (Level 30, 150 DPS)
I like the black hole one, not so much the others. It is a good idea, giving a bit more access for f2p players to diamonds/AP while giving something for higher levels to spend their gold on.

I dislike the support and EP boost those are already one of the most influential features, I would focus on something else. Quick attack is just the same as double attack while causing more server load. Weakness/enriched power are basically simple DPS boost upgrades which is fine, but I don't like basing enrichment on gold on hand.

Also you put max level on all these so it does not really solve the gold issue, only delays it.
I'd add the folllowing costy upgrades. I have no idea about the cost though, but they;d be expensive. All are unloced at lvl 200.

1. Triple hit:
Desc. Chance for a triple damage. This can trigger only when you have double damage rolled (the multiplier is replaced, not added!)
Max lvl: 100
Bonus pattern: same as for triple loot (caps at 9%)

2. Super crit:
Desc. Chance for a 3 (maybe 5, or 10?) times higher crit damage. This can trigger only if you crit.
Max lvl: 100
Bonus pattern: 1/4 of what triple loot gives (caps at 2.25%)

3. Rage:
Desc: When you do double crit hit, there is a chance to trigger double crit mode for specific number of hits (applies to both kinds of attacks - auto and click, but works independantly for each). Note that double crit mode will trigger
with triple crit too. When in rage, you can also trigger triple hit (multiplier is replaced) and super crit.
Max lvl: 100
Pattern: 1/2 of what triple loot gives (caps at 4.5%)

4. Endurance
Desc: Increases number of hits in rage mode:
Max lvl: 10
Pattern: 1 extra hit per lvl.
Cost: 10^(N+5), N=level of ugprade

Patterns, per centages etc are subject to change.

From the OP, I'd pick BH as well.
I am a Nerd.  Angel
Well I could remove the max level, I just think being able to get resources in small quantities for gold will slightly close the gap and help F2P players so that's why Blackhole is my favourite
IGN: Clock (Level 30, 150 DPS)
Gold has been useless for too long. You know what sounds even better though, no damn cap in an idle game on skills with unlimited levels of monsters. What the hell is the point really. Even if Ray makes the upgrades more ridiculous than 0.05 a level at least it's something to spend it on, but a cap based on your level is just boring.
I agree with crimson. This is what i already mentioned in a thread. Since click and auto damage are maxed out i simply make no real progress anymore, while everyone else catches up. Beside things like 23k exploration points which i cant spend but i am fine with, its not acceptable that non 24/7 players cant progress anymore.

We get xp and gold while offline, right? Whats the use of it? There is none, if you maxed out your gold upgrades. 10 new levels of abd while we need about 1,5x the anmout of xp for the next level? There is no progress if you cant or dont want to stay online to collect cards. Fine, give online players an advantage but don't let the rest make no progress.

In my opinion its by far the most important thing which is need to be fixed, quickly.

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