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Discord commands!
Alright guys, I'd like to know of any and all commands you'd like to see in discord chat. They can be linked to info, give a response, etc.

Format : !commandname response

This can (for now) only be text based, EX: an img url, wiki link, youtube link, etc.
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Edit: It turns out I am not a smart man. I made this suggestion thinking it was for the in-game command window. This suggestion does not relate at all to discord.

Something that would make spreadsheets easier to fill in:

-Upgrades: -Hunting: [all hunting levels separated by :]: -Auto: [all auto levels separated by :]: -Click: [etc]: -Woodcutting: [etc]: -Mining: [etc]: etc...
-Expedition: [sensor level]: [thruster level]: [hull level]: [droid ships level]:
-Woodcutting: [current level]: [current tree health]: [current wood]: [current energy]:
-Mining: [current depth]: [blocks remaining]: [current ore]: [current crystals]: [current energy]:
-Challenges: [string indicating lowest challenge level not completed, e.g. "S5S S4S S3S S1S B5S B5S B4S B3S" where the first letter is rank ([ G ]old, [ S ]ilver, [ B ]ronze), the second is the level [1-5], and the third is size ([ S ]olo, [ D ]uo, [ G ]roup)]: [series level completed]:
-Orbs: [string of decimal numbers indicating the stars, level and xp for each orb, e.g. "3.45.128 2.0.40 0.0.0" etc where the first number is stars, second is level, third is current exp for that level]: [current sacrifices]:
-Guild: [string of numbers indicating guild building levels, e.g. "14 0 18" etc]: [string of numbers indicating personal upgrade levels]: [current guild xp]:
-Player: [level]: [current experience]: [gold]: [ap]: [diamonds]: [inferno tier]: [world]: [zone]

I know that's a lot. It maybe should be broken up into multiple commands. But to have an easy way to gather all of this information would be very helpful. Additionally, it would be nice to have:

!fishingstats [self explanatory]
!petstats [self explanatory]
This seems like it would need access to your personal in game info (for fishing stats and pet stats) unless you're talking about base stats. This is something I've thought about but to prevent spam I've basically limited it to !wiki
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Having access to your in-game info is what I was hoping for. To be clear, right now with spreadsheets, you need to fill in dozens of boxes across multiple tabs. It would be nice to have something similar to /cards where all that info is copied directly from the command window and then pasted into the spreadsheet.

The more I think about it, the more I tend to think my previous suggestion should be broken up into multiple commands. However, those commands, just like /cards, would need access to your personal stats.

!help [list of all commands available and a description of what they do]
!help does work Tongue
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*eyes Listat curiously*

*tries /help* Nope...
*tries /cmd help* Nope...
*tries !help* Nope...

*eyes Listat suspiciously*
Omg, I am retarded.....

This is for discord. >.> Man I'm dumb. I thought you were taking suggestions for the in-game Command window.

*goes off into a corner to fashion a Dunce hat for himself*

Well, can we get my suggestions for the in-game command window?
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