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Idea for the beasts/steed
So if my sources are correct their isnt a clear idea for the beast yet, here is my take on it:

The beast could be a steed, so we can ride that beast.
It is possible to train the beast and race with the beast.

The beast can be trained by using whips, you gain a certain amount of whips per hour
the beast arena could increase that number
There are four stats that can be increased:
Speed, agility, strength and intelligence.

you need to reach the finish line within a certain time (duh)
but the terrain changes depending on the races.
I was thinking:
sand, mud, forest and hills.
Each terrain relies on their respective stat:
- sand (no penalty) with speed so that determines the number of meter/secs
- forest with agility, the stat determines how much % of your speed you keep
- mud with intelligence, idem
- hills with strength, idem
The first races will mostly have sand and slowly the distances increase and the terrains vary a lot.

Well, you get something for winning the race, it can be anything if you ask me
And there is a more permanent reward, since the beast is a steed, you can ride it
and therefore the different stats give different bonuses.
It doesn't have to make sense but getting some more exp for the orbs would be good Wink
Also I don't when this should unlock, I would suggest last ascension,
early enough for the late comers to enjoy it and far enough to make new comers work for it.

Finally, I would be glad to hear what people think of this
and also make some noise to make this idea happen of course!!!!

if i remember ray has already main idea for beasts just it was put on delay atm since there are other things that he needs to deal with

but your idea can be used on something else
whips... r2games?
If a beast is ever released I think it will likely be a stereotypical MMO guild/world boss that gets killed daily for rewards based on % of damage done, with top 3 getting the best rewards and everyone having the ability to buff their damage done using AP. Personally, I love guild bosses that each guild individually kills whenever they summon it for guilds rewards. It would be summoned using something like a gold or stone collection, preferably gold and killing it would give everyone goodies.
Ok, then not a beast but just a Steed tab

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