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Divinity System
Just a small idea, about the Divinity System.
Divinity would unlock after level 200, and will be shown next to fishing. Since cards are basically what you must do to progress through everything, as well as challenges and other stuff to become stronger, I wanted to introduce a new system for these late-game players.

The Divinity System would be a large orb in the middle, with stuff to do around it. The orb is designed to bring many stronger affects into the player, and is a new way to use your logs/stone. Once per day, you can upgrade your orb. Your orb will create new affects infused into you every level.

Orb Level 1
Cost: 1M Gold, 500 logs, 500 stone
Effect: Auto Damage (+5%)

Orb Level 2
Cost: 75M Gold, 5500 logs, 6500 stone
Effect: Attack Speed (+1%)

Orb Level 3
Cost: 500M Gold, 20000 logs, 30000 stone
Effect: Ghosting lasts (???) longer

etc etc

I know this looks like the upgrade and sacrifice system both combined, but I wanted logs and stone to have a further purpose. When an orb gets an effect, you can go to effects and upgrade the effectiveness of that specific effect, but the cost will rise incredibly. I wanted the orb to also give new effects, such as the new ghosting system (Which to my knowledge is for a set amount of time) and to make the orb be able to increase it, but not too much.
IGN: Clock (Level 30, 150 DPS)
I really don't think we need something that takes up logs/stones as it is, there'll be changes I'm sure later on that will continue to make use of those guild wise and that is where it should stay. Yes, there is also the upgrades to improve woodcutting and they take up logs but I don't think we need more of these being eaten up by something else.

Guilds take a lot of time to build up as is, well over half the guilds don't have max buildings yet so there no immediate pressure to get something else to spend your logs/stones on, if anything this would actually hurt guilds in general as the cost rises.

Not trying to say its truly a bad idea as I welcome more ways to improve the character, but rather the way it's done not being very well executed cost wise.
The costs I put in were examples, it could be a much more minimal cost, but you've got a point.
IGN: Clock (Level 30, 150 DPS)
I like the idea, but we just don't need it yet.
whilst i do think we need more gold sinks, i would prefer something more unique to do it, the only thing id probably be fine seeing in multiple places personally is a upgrade map system
The biggest problem with this is that the vast majority of guilds have enough trouble as it is grinding out upgrades. My guild is top 100 and while we only passively recruit by letting anyone in when we have a free spot, we're not even close to max buildings across the board. If even more new players weren't contributing the way they should, it would take even longer to get there. I'm really looking forward for more things to do in the game but, for right now at least, I think that the only current resource that needs another use is gold. Everything else is fine the way it is methinks.
from what I see, only the top 3 guilds have maxed buildings so maybe a stone sink isn't necessary yet

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