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Daily cards gain
sorry for my English first of all, im not a native speaker.
Might be discussed already, but i failed to find it Wink

So, currently we have Daily bonus, which you get first time on login - and which is reset at specific time of the day (4am for me for example), and regardless of the time i login, it might be 5am this day, or even 3am (hour before reset) i would still be able to pick it up.

So why not implement same change for the cards? It's currently on strict 24h cooldown, which for me and maybe others, is quite hard to follow. You miss it once for 5 minutes, and then you have to wait every day for same additional 5 minutes.
So if i've used to pick up cards let's say at 6pm, when im back from work, but then one day i had to stay longer, or got into traffic and etc, so claimed it at 7pm. and next day something else happens and etc, so eventually i have to skip it, and to carry card claim to next day morning, but then again something happens, and blah-blah-blah (figured out that by that time you already got an idea).

So why not to change card claim system to be similar to daily claim? So you would be able to claim it once a day (but regardless of time). Same will apply to weekly and monthly. Weekly reset on Monday for example, and if you dont want to pick it up on Monday, you can pick it up on Sunday, and then next week new one will be available on Monday.
Agreed. I have never liked the 24 hour reset mechanic in any game with daily claims. It forces players to log in at a specific time (which is not always possible), and results in pushback regardless. And worse, it can be quite confusing to keep track of, especially with no indicator showing when it will be available next. "Did I collect it at 8PM or 10? Or was it actually in the morning? Did I even collect it yesterday?" (I play another game with a 24 hour reset mechanic, and this is the exact issue I go through regularly.)
Believe there already a thread somewhere about this but so far nothing has changed about it. I do have to agree though, it would be nice if it was actually a reset daily and not a 24 hour thing.
well i don´t even understand why we have 3 different game mechanics for the same thing:
daily login
daily cards
daily codes

why not just give us everything together with the daily login thing? (sorry lynn i know that would cost you your job of creating creative codes and posting them)
MorDoKuli member
The daily codes are obviously meant to get traffic going to Facebook. I can't fault them for that.
daily codes wont last forever
It was suggested earlier sometime and seems everyone agrees on this one,not sure if ray has it on his list or maybe he doesn't like the idea though

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