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Consolidated Timers
Please consider adding a feature that makes checking timers easier.

At the moment, to check when various activities are finished or when NRG will be filled requires several clicks each. We're only given front-screen notice for most of them when they've already elapsed. It would be nice to have a quick way to check them all easily.

A few possible implementations:
  1. Have a button on the main screen that will pop open to show all available timers.
  2. Have an option that will show a timer when it has reached less than X% to completion (where X is a value set by the player or is a default value like 10%). Once a timer is within that range, it will show on the front screen the same way it would show now if the timer had already completed.
  3. Have all timers on the front screen at all times. (I'd much rather see option 1 than option 3.)
Relevant timers for this implementation:
  • Pet training
  • Expedition completion
  • Treasure claim
  • Wood/Mining/Fishing NRG to full
  • Card collection
  • * Anything else I haven't thought of

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