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I was thinking about guilds, I am not currently aware of a way to see what guild someone is in. So if I do a challenge or make a party with someone and want to be in the same guild I can't see it. Also it says in the invite section "you cannot invite someone in a guild". 
My suggestion is this, have a mini profile (like on Discord) when you click a name it same guild:______ Or simply on that bit that says their level/name/pets have Guild:_______.
Also to have a method of looking at other guilds would be good for an idea of comparing and people having a sense of if the one they are in is good or not.
Also just thought of something else, I'm Ascension 1 and I can't help guild members that are below that level. So a way to be able to switch to help newer guild members would be great.
the inspect button in rankings was going to do this, and i don't see ascension 0, 1, 2, 3+ players ever interacting with each other in hunting, but they can in challenges

edit: inspect button doesn't work yet
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