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Offline gains flaws
If offline gains are based on your exp/gold per minute at the time you log in (correct me if I'm wrong, most arguments in this are invalid without this), then something has to change.

In a party with 4 players that don't stay online 24/7, the guy who gets online first is losing a huge ammount of exp/gold without the bonus from party bonuses (ascension upgrade, bonus dps, 5% extra bonus per player online). It also makes it better for the last player to log out at the day to go offline as soon as he's alone, as he will lose only 10% of his gains instead of 50%+ from party bonuses.

Now if we take an uncommon party as example, with 1 player 24/7 and 3 that are not. If the 24/7 guy stays online alone for too long per day, he's getting less exp than the other 3. (Same thing as the previous example.. if you're online alone, it's better to log out and come back in when there's at least one person online).

That can also happen on a party setup with 2 or 3 24/7 players and 1 or 2 non-24/7, but we'll need some numbers here:

If they all have the same dps (let's say 100 for easier calcs) and party boost upgrade maxed.
2 online: 100 dps -> 110 dps (10% bonus from the other) and 55% boost from party.
3rd guy logs in: 100 dps -> 120, with 60% boost from party. If we reduce 10% from that party boost, it becomes 54%. So his % modifier is 1% lower but his dps is ~9% higher.

3 online: 100 dps -> 120 dps and 60% party boost
4th guy logs in: 100 dps -> 130 dps and 65% party boost, that becomes 59% with the 10% penalty. Again, 1% less % modifier but ~8% higher dps.

TL;DR players going offline are getting more exp than the ones in his party staying online. If you log in and your whole party is offline, your offline gains are screwed.

A easy suggestion would be to ghost the offline members' dps and still give their 5% bonus per party member for those who are still online (for up to 14h offline). It could be exploitable, yes, but this is a flaw that can't be ignored imo.

2 screenshots to show the gains difference:

[Image: jpJKJNu.png][Image: 1E3QRMB.png]
Didn't Ray wanted to put in ghosting at one point and still make the offline player still count as being online (but ghosting) for the party bonuses?

I either going to guess Ray didn't have time yet and just wanted to get it out there or wasn't sure how to go about it yet when it comes to these situations.
In effect right now players are penalized for members of their party being offline. Kind of sucks but if a member of my party decides to leave each night my exp gain drops around 10-15%. It should be fairly easy to add a placeholder for whatever their dps was when they went offline and add that to the party gains. That way active party members wouldn't lose gains, and they wouldn't lose out either if they logged back in and party members were gone. They don't have to actually ghost in the party since how fast you kill stuff doesn't effect gold and exp gains, it only effects card gains. I'd love the extra cards but I'd be almost as happy if I just didn't lose my gains every time a party member needed to let their computer rest or got stuck on the loading screen.
By ghosting I meant keeping the dps and party bonus from offline members. I think making them actually damage monsters is not as important.

Replacing players just creates more problems imo. You'll take a player from another party, makeing them search for a replacement too and so on, a never ending cycle. When the offline person logs in, his offline gains won't be as good as if he was still in a party. So while the rest of the party kept their 10-15% gain, this guy lost over 50%.

It's easy to avoid this with a full 24/7 party, but the main problem I see is on a full non 24/7 party anyway. If the players have a different timezone, then there's a high chance one of them will ALWAYS log in first and get a lot less exp/gold than the others, making him falling behind (even if his dps/online gains is slightly higher).

And I'm not active on discord, sorry if this is being adressed already.
I'm sure Ray knew this would be a problem and he has spoken about the idea of ghosting several times, so I'm sure it won't stay this broken for that long. Nice thread!
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