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An Active Guild
I've got a few suggestions to make guilds in IOU a little more interactive and potentially increase guild retention and participation.

1. Guild Message Board

While we do have a dedicated Guild chat channel there really isn't a way to communicate with offline members unless you can catch them online and not AFK.
I think having a guild board would allow the Creator, Leaders, and Captains to communicate more effectively with their guild to provide strategies and tips, provide general online or available times for members, and also coordinate on which guild buildings are a priority. (Maybe a setting on whether regular members can post)

2. Guild Bosses

Being in a guild does proved for a few extra perks but there really isn't much more except for joining into a party with your guild members and chatting. I think it would be nice to have maybe a weekly/Biweekly guild boss battle where guild members can sign up before hand and any registered guild members are joined into a fight with a "Boss" type mob. These mobs could provide extra loot (AP, Diamonds, Gold, Ascension Point, etc. ) to participating guild members upon being defeated. Perhaps more damage equals more loot.
Additionally maybe the "guild bosses" could have levels which are selected by the guild leader before the fight begins. Early guilds can choose lower levels bossed and  established guilds can have more difficult bosses with more loot on success.
The guild members wouldn't have to be active at the battle time but just signed in. This is an Idle game after all Smile

3. Guild Battles

I'm not 100% sure on the logistics of this as this is an Idle game but I think it would be cool to be able to have guilds duke it out and have a ranking system to see which guild is the strongest. (PvP essentially, not strongest against mobs.) (DEVs, more competition equals more incentive to purchase support packs ::wink wink:Smile

Maybe a monthly tournament that guilds can opt into and each member is pitted against another member of the opposing guild with close proximity to their level and the one with the most wins......WINS!

First place team has all members receive a special Code (maybe in conjunction with point 1....Guild Message Board) and 2nd place.....3rd place..... and so on.
The better the ranking the higher the reward.

That's all I've got for guild enhancements but I think with a few of these points it would create stronger guild bonds and more participation.
I'm really liking this game and the fact that the DEVs are very active in discussion and constantly striving to make the game more robust makes me appreciate all of the effort put into the game so far.

Keep up the good work!
1 - Most guilds use a chat outside IOU already. So while I don't think this is a priority, it wouldn't hurt to improve the chat/communication a bit.

2 - 6 months ago,
Quote:Here are some of the features that will eventually be possible on the new service, that simply are not in the current service:
  • Guild-based events & competitions. Guild beasts, and more sophisticated guild building features that won't be plagued by service issues that we have no control over resolving with permanence. Big plans with guilds!

A global/guild beast suggestion

3 - From last month,
Quote:New Game Mode I
Planning is finally in the works for this.

I'm looking at a massive ship & space challenge system. We aren't talking asteroids, but an IOU take on galaxy control.

I'm looking at mixing several aspects into this system, and due to the complexity of that, it will be pretty crazy trying to integrate into the game as a whole. Some of the aspects being taken into account:

  1. Gold needs a use again. This is a big possibility here.
  2. Guild vs Guild
  3. Friendly Player vs Player (Possibly player vs player ai)
  4. Something to work towards for years
  5. Integrating bonuses from both the existing game, and this new mode. Your existing character to empower your ship, and this new system empowering your character in battles. This is likely where gold gets taken into account.

GvG suggestion + community feedback
Welcome to the forums, Mr.Sinister Lad~
I'm really looking forward to the new features in the game. Not sure which I want more. But I do know what order I want them in, whichever is the fastest for Ray to put in place first lol.

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