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So, who else is in the same boat regarding the Event?
I have everything maxed and only 1% chance to kill the final boss. At this point I'm not sure if I should keep using energy to get measly amounts of cash to try and reach 2%, or just keep trying to kill the boss with 1%.
Just go for the kill, if there's no other missions to do why not. Tongue

It'll probably take longer to get to 2% than to kill him with 1%.
Ok, I've blown about 10K energy on this last guy and he refuses to die.

I have to say, I love how when missions had 99% success rate I could fail 5 times out of 40, but when a boss has 1% success rate it won't succeed 1 time in 200 clicks.
dont worry , as u fail each time the odd of winning increasing
(04-18-2016, 11:10 PM)WhiteK Wrote: dont worry , as u fail each time the odd of winning increasing

This is not, technically, true.  The odds of winning are the same every time.  What changes is the cumulative probability of failure.  That is, the probability of failing x+1 times in a row is smaller than the probability of failing only x times in a row.

With regards to the final boss, assuming failures, you need 550 energy per 10 tries (50*10 = 500 energy used to try and beat the boss plus 5*10 = 50 energy to heal yourself back up to full health).  With a max energy of 9000 (refilling every 15 hours), you get 9000/550 = 16 sets of 10 tries with 200 energy left over.  The remaining 200 energy can be used to make three more attempts (150 energy) and then heal back to full (15 energy) leaving you with 35 energy remaining.  That means every 15 hours gives enough energy to try to beat the boss 163 times.  Assuming the minimum 1% success rate, the probability of failing 163 times is 0.99^163 = 0.1943... which is a bit less than 20% or 1 in 5.  You can, of course, attempt to increase your success rate but each 1% you add to your success rate requires an additional 1875 Power beyond the minimum power required (i.e. 25000) and once you've maxed all the tiers your income will not be that great.  There is no way to know if increasing your power by less than 1875 power increases the chance of success by less than the full percentage point (unless Ray deigns to tell us) though it probably can't hurt since you should be earning money automatically while waiting your 15 hours for your energy to refill.
For me, i will keep increasing my power a bit because i love when number goes up Big Grin

I'm shooting for 2% first, though event duration (idk) should probably be a factor.

Edit: OTOH, prices are pretty curved by 25-26k power, and depending on the formula 2% could require a lot.
1% strategy is best strategy. It takes like a week to get 2% and by that time your expected success rate at 1% is 90%+
Keep flippin that cold penny--


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