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Guild Stone Spam solution?
Instead of tons of spam from stone, have it do a 5 minute refresh type thing where it will post total stone donated.

Example -

Kaerfameer Invested 39k total Stone into Guild Hall.
Kaerfameer Invested 11k total stone into Stable.

OR -

Kaerfameer Invested 50k total Stone into Guild Hall(39k) and Stable(11k).
Kong - Fr3aKeD
Main IOU - Kaerfameer
so stop spamming 1ks, instead stockpile 100k, 1m, 10m and push the button once ^_^
Do guild upgrades eventually become multiples of 100xp? Being small and wanting to catch up to your guildmates tends to lead to the spam to get that upgrade immediately. Holding off for that upgrade is something only the most patient will do.

Why not skip the message and just show total stones donated on member page?  If message is being demanded by marketing then this one message option makes a lot of sense.
This game screams "Look at what I can do" like Stewart from MadTV.

Harsh because I care.
One thing i think could be helpful is ability to type out by the thousands obviously, how many stone you would like to invest. A custom amount.
Kong - Fr3aKeD
Main IOU - Kaerfameer
just kick the 1k spammers. Smile
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