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*IOU RAP* "Get Yo XP Up" by Ragekai
Youtube video with the song:


xp xp xp
you suckas betta get some mo'

Im on the my grind, grand hustle;
got the guild with the muscle
bought a quarter-million diamonds just to shine on you suckers
Still carry up some noobies; if they clickin' I'ma trust'em
fk the hoppers' new guilds; in this race-- ima dust'em
Talkin party-security, who you think you foolin' G?
37 other whales lined-up salutin' me
Fresh out the beta-page; I hopped in and slayed the stage
Broken in top 20; n, now they afraida'rage
Haters wanna stop rage; Mad cuz they not rage
By the end of the summer ; won't nobody top rage
You don't want know drama; Chaos; promise I do not slip
24/7 to the wall; lvl up quick
Hit my boy killa wit tha foundation starter pack
Now academy comin'long wher' da carry at
Forum beef? I aint participate in none of that.
Im aimin' at the top 8 page, and you cant even come at that

xp xp xp xp
A noobie try to play me; I'ma blow'em off the map a.s.a.p.
Ask anybody who carried their team? Bet they fittin' say me ; made their xp
And they hatin' on me; when they should be hatin' they low xp
A noobie try to play me? I'ma blow you off da map; TOP 10 XP.

I know a lota creators don't like me; but they wont wanna fight me
Beg Ray for pvp; thought of smashin yall excites me
Advancin through inferno; and I'm constant clickin nightly
At this pace im on; Farflier should invite me
How many idle you know that can hold they own? not likely
Adventure score rank shootin star shinin brightly
You a bad mothafucka if you beat me slightly
Then you must be fiesty; I would treat you polietly.
You should join my guild;
"But Rage, would you knight me?"
"I wanna join The Order, cuz your crew is just so might-tee"
Precicesly, I'd consider that choice made quite wisely~
Either you one of us or your gettin passed so you despise me~

You suckas betta get some mo~~
Hello ragekai, I will recommend you to watch this video, you need a bit of assistance in the rhyming department.
(03-17-2016, 07:28 PM)jimmi33 Wrote: Hello ragekai, I will recommend you to watch this video, you need a bit of assistance in the rhyming department.

... well the 2nd half of the track is open for you to smash that collab.

Get up with it.

PS: this isnt a rhyme heavy song; the track its instrumental is a cover over isn't a rhyme heavy song.
I don't need help in the rhymes department; check my other songs on same youtube page
Them mad raps though. Cool

I did not cringe.

lol that cracked me up +1 like
this video is more something for you:
(03-18-2016, 07:22 AM)DarkSoul55 Wrote: this video is more something for you:


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