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Entire game lags
Everything I do in the game from applying ascention points to chopping trees is delayed by about 2 seconds. Only been doing this since the last update and didn't have this problem before it.
FadedSentry many people are dealing with the same issue, I find it happens to me at certain times of the day, like when more people are online with my service provider, mostly around supper time, and bed time. Sometimes I'll just wait it out, refreshing or even clearing the history/deleting cookies doesn't seem to help but sometimes it does.
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It's definitely not the time of day that's causing it because I'm having it at all times of the day. It's also not my ISP as I didn't have this problem before last patch.
Some of the lag is caused by memory leaks (some in Browser, some in Flash, some in game) I've gotten in the habit of refreshing every hour or two while awake. and that has seem to keep it mostly in check.
Nope, I've checked memory leaks as well. I do sometimes get memory leaks, but that isn't what this is. It's literally as if everything I do is just delayed. Everything, even logging on the game it takes 2-4 seconds to put me back in my party that I logged out in (And that's after the game actually loads in).
I have same problem, and its not cause any memory leak, it happens after rebooting computer too.

As Faded say, it happens at all hours of the day, and it happens only with this game, i play other idle games, without any kind of lag, or problem.

Currently it takes arround 10 secs just to log to the server, im unable to do challenges cause it takes so long that usually i got kicked back to party without the challenge start.

It's worse since the last update (prior to that it was not so laggy, only worked fine the first 2 days after the server migration, after that its worse each day and worse with each update).

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