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Possible direction for some features in community discussion 1
To start with, not everyone will agree with this system and this is not what is going to be put in the game in the end, what will be put in the game is what a large majority of people seem to want, you are more then welcome to agree or modify these ideas to a way which people may prefer more, these are just two basic systems that ray mentioned in the first community discussion being fleshed out more, ray probably already has some of the ideas in mind. Secondly, balancing i see as ray's job, if something is poorly balanced then players will complain and he will adjust it accordingly but even the initial balancing is ray's nightmare :^) i will not be giving exact numbers, just a basic idea.

Pet system rework
with the way pets are currently, as you know they are very weak to the point where a player may choose to not touch them and they will most likely never notice the difference. The initial suggestion was to change pet tiers to do a percentage of your auto damage however, i think pets should have their own foundations for damage

To start with, we give pets a quality or a tier however pets will start from snakes again(of course with these things there would need to be a refund system designed). These tiers are made more significant by giving the pet a significant percentage boost to its damage, same as usual however the two things that would change in this system is that pets can only be moved up a tier by pet training to make pet training have more of an impact and the cost would be modified to be more exponential

Alongside of this are two things, the first of which would be a pet leveling system. Pets would gain exp in their own way, this can be an option to send your pets to do their own thing for 8 hours in order to level or gaining small amounts of xp from pet arena, you could also use pet food here to influence xp. The key to this system is to not just have pets level without having the base boosts a player does, a completely different leveling system will provide more depth into the game, however it is done is irrelevant as long as it gives the player more to do. Levels for the pet will only provide base damage however that can then be influenced by other stats gained from the "pet atlas"

The second system that would be put in place is the "pet atlas" system and this is where pp points are used, possibly being renamed if players feel there is a better name for it. As ray had shown briefly in the community discussion, they would work similar a cross between the skyforge and path of exile systems, using the skyforge as a base basically in this picture you can see a few modules with each there are about 20 nodes in them. when you complete all the nodes in the module with rays idea in mind, you would gain a larger bonus on top of what the regular nodes have provided, different modules provide different bonuses and these are the main things that should influence a players decision on where to go on the atlas. as a player gets further along in the atlas, nodes start to cost more pp each whilst the earlier on modules still have their nodes costing the same. Having a system like this, it would be good to have deeper modules have nodes cost more whilst also providing a bigger stat compared to the cost so people have to think more carefully about the decisions they make. The idea of a system like this should involve planning and there should not be resetting as if people made bad pathing, they can always start investing pp into the other path. The following ideas are simply a base, we could easily think of 5x the ideas for stats and provide more variety in player decision, here are some stats that can be included:

- increased xp
- increased base damage
- increased crit damage
- increased health
- a small amount of passive health regen

- increase percent damage
- increased progress when using pet train
- increased percent health
- increased crit chance
- increased double chance(i would change this formula to have a chance for the number to hit 300% etc for a chance to be a tripple attack etc, rather then just being double)
- increased pet speed

You could even have modules provide 1 point in a skill for example:
- for 10 seconds increase pet base damage by 10%, this is increased by 10% for each module with this skill completed.

Aside from the "pet atlas" i would also specifically include a challenge atlas that utilizes challenge points and a player atlas which has certain things utilize gold, diamonds and ap so when people are moving along the atlas they have to make decisions based on what resource and how much of it they have as well.

Hope this adds to the discussion and there are my ideas on how to specifically expand the system ^^

P.S. If we really needed to expand the amount of stats available to a player in these systems then it wouldn't take much brainstorming for us to help expand upon it.
I think at some point somewhere in the pet dmg formula player dmg needs to be considered. It is the best way to ensure over time with more and more updates they don't get behind again..
(03-01-2016, 01:02 AM)Ragekai Wrote: I think at some point somewhere in the pet dmg formula player dmg needs to be considered. It is the best way to ensure over time with more and more updates they don't get behind again..

thats the only way, to be honest. since you get the first pet basicly right at the start, the 2nd one more sooner than later after that. they're basicly with you till you stop playin. this way, they have to grow with you in more reasonable way unlike they do now, where just your inf lvl give them a small boost.

i'd like to see some sort of correlation with your power, not just inf lvl. this way, peeps might to rethink how they see the pets and consider them more worthwile.

just my 2 cents tho
Pet PP system needs a significant revamp to make other PP things worthwhile. That plus infinite arena should boost pets a sizeable amount.

I think player dps % boost also affecting pets is also necessary.

Once pets are better, people will invest gxp into pets also.

Overall: PP revamp + infinite arena + Player DPS % boost affecting pets will bring them to 15%, and players will invest GXP into making them 20%. That's about the right target.

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