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Glow effect

So some of you probably know that if you don't attack for 120 seconds (2mins) you get 10% idle bonus damage until the next click/ability attack.

Why not have some indication of this happening?

The sword used on the screen can light up, or have a small barely noticeable glowing affect around it during this time.

Apparently there was an indication of it when there was an attack button, but since there isn't an attack button why not have this effect?
I think just having a small little spot somewhere on the screen that countdown to it would make the most sense so players starting the game will immediately noticed there a effect that will happen should they let it sit for 2 minutes.

The sword glowing still wouldn't exactly explain to players what is going on. Having something that counts down but says "idle dmg bonus" would, hopefully in a place that doesn't get in the way.
Yea true, that works too.

+1 to Doru's thought

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