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Real-Time Damage Counter (daily)
Ok, hear me out--

I think it'd be cool if your total damage for the day was counted. It could start at orb reset. It doesn't have to display it throughout, necessarily. But imagine: At the end of the day when the screen popup to claim daily claim-- within the same box there is a text that says "Yesterday you dealt a total of x damage."

I think it would be useful for gauging growth-- efficency, how well you did; try to one up yourself etc.
Plus will be useful for determining party placements that are closer to matching with real time output vs. basing solely on idle, for example.

I suppose you could do this yourself already with trophys (I actually may use that now that I just thought of it hmm....) But anyway, I think this would be a cool and interesting feature.
(obviously, it should not count damage from challenge or other special scenarios)
This idea is pretty helpfull in some cases and clever !

+1 for the idea
Nice run 'til now.
I don't really need it but since the game does calculate it anyway i can't see a reason to not make it for those interested in seeing their total damage per day so +1 from me
This is one of those 'sure why not' things, but also super easy to implement Big Grin


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