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How long from level 100 to AT3/Inferno?
I can currently kill Dracula lvl 319 with my team mate within 11-12 seconds. Each kill gives me 337k EXP. I am level 100. How long will it take me to get to level 130 at this current rate of earning 337k exp each 11-12 seconds? (Let's just say 11.5 seconds)

I heard most of this community likes to create formulas and stuff, so I'm wondering if there's a possibility of you guys being able to calculate this for me. Here, you will need this info: I do not play at a constant, I play this game idle 6.5 hours per day on weekdays. I have a weekend right now so I play for 13 hours each weekend day. (Basically, 26 hours for this weekend which for me has started right now (9 AM), then 6.5 hours each weekday (another 5 days) then repeat for weekend)

I feel like this is too complicated, and I'm asking too much. If you can not do the calculation above, please try this one:

I kill Dracula with team at 11-12 seconds. Each kill is 337 EXP. I'm level 100. How long does it take to get to AT3/LVL130/Inferno? I play 6.5 hours each day. (not 24/7 on)

Also, you could just tell me your experiences from getting to level 130 from level 100, and approximately (does not have to be 100% accurate) the amount of time from my situation. Thanks so much!
IGN: Clock (Level 30, 150 DPS)
with carry from 0-200 2 days
Exp required to level up from 100 to 130 is around 5.9 b. Let's do a quick math.

5.9 b = 5 900 m = 5 900 000 k experience, so (5900000/337 = ) 17522 draculas you need to kill.

17522 * 11.5 s = 201503 seconds to level up, that is (201503 / 3600 = ) 56 hours. That is 26h during this weekend and 30h (5*6h a day) during the week, so you will get there before friday.

But as you progress, you're getting stronger and will start killing it faster. You also might increase your exp % modifier (account upgrades, guild upgrade, altar, etc).

p.s. the 337k exp you mentioned is probably with the rested bonus, so your 13h weekend reduces around 10-11h of the time calc'd.

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