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Regional chat
Since I'm getting ignored on the Kong suggestions (Seriously guys, may as well delete those threads if you aren't going to use them) and have just got out of an argument over there due to the spam in them, I'll make it brief. Add in options to DISABLE REGIONAL CHAT ENTIRELY, Mute it for the session, potentially rename rooms (Within reason), report functionality for people who abuse it for either guild or outside recruitment (Avabur, anyone?) and allow people to choose default rooms. I didn't like it from day 1, there was no good reason for it on the Kong servers, and while I can see it for other places it really has been more of a festering breeding ground for spam more then anything else, and it's been getting to the point lately where going off alone to a random room still gets you spammed to all hell with guild recruitments. Enough is enough, regional chat is poorly implemented and unmoderated with no options to fix it, it needs changed.
Yeahh it does need a re-vamp. Though when you say to disable it entirely, what's the purpose of that? Why not just have the option to disable notifications from each room type (party, guild & region).

Hopefully if things like friends lists & private messages come into play then reporting players can too.

I'd be all for an option to disable regional chat or at least make it stop notifying me when someone says something in it.

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