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bugs lists (commands,patch notes, trophies,+more to come)
* /hcon will not re-connect you, leaving you at a permanent connecting screen.

* Patch notes only reads up to v0.59Z

* Being UN-able to kill the enemy within the time required will not set you back a stage
* Pet trophies stuck?

[Image: A3snVwi.png]
* Kill trophy 25+ isn't leveling

* Trophy upgrades: expedition/mine/wood reduction don't appear to be working (the others are)
* When searching for a party, if you search for a specific name and it's not found; no error / notification message pops up.
* No increase in EXP when completing the available worlds

* Trophy lvl 50+ kills won't level <- I know you said it works on your end, 25+ got fixed, but I think all of them are bugged on our end or something?

PS: It looks like not killing enemy in times got fixed (where it wouldn't set you back).¿ Tongue
* In pet arena, the icons disappear after attacking (visual bug)

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