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Latest Updates
-I'm currently waiting on response from Playfab for some details about getting Kongregate and Facebook authentication going, along with resolving the bizarre bubble errors when authenticating with incorrect information, and for rare server instance spinup failures.
-We're also starting to increase security measures, and prepping some details for the first public test of the data transfer.
-Jay is working on a character creation optimizations to speed things up after creating a name.

Lots of bugs still, but most of the big ones have been cleaned up to where we mostly just have QoL issues to deal with.

The amazing work by you testers is certainly speeding this up. We're already delayed but as i'm sure you can tell we are getting very close now.

Down for a bit while getting the new sessionkey system prepped
Should be back up now
We have spent a good amount of time preparing everything for the first account transfer tests, and have finally come up with a mutation between the new service and Yahoo to try to make this work.

If all goes well, we should have a 'transferred accounts' test tomorrow night or sometime Friday.....almost there!

Note: I believe these tests will only relate to users for now due to a bug where Kong users are not showing in the authentication object response, and that is being worked on.
Test server is coming down for a few hours while we prep testing for the data transfer. We should have it back up tonight or early tomorrow.

Sorry it took so long...

We ran into a LOT of little issues that took far too much time for the user transfer set up, but it 'should' be working now.

If you have an user from the current service older than 2-3 weeks, above level 10 and has been played this year, please test it out on the test server and let me know if you run into any issues.

Please note:
-Guilds creators are randomized (tossed that way just to get them in)
-Guild members are all leader (until we set the rank up properly in the conversion)

Next steps are resolving the reported bugs, integrating the Kongregate and Facebook test sessions, and finalizing preparations for official.
We'll likely have a couple more tests but the hardest part is finally over.

We are going to take the servers down for a good while to finish up some preparations for the final testing phase.

We are really getting there now thanks to the incredible test sessions. After the last few quick build updates things are really coming along.

Right now we have a lot more preparations set up and will be available for testing likely within 24 hours:

-Kongregate Test environment
-Facebook Test environment
-More recent data transfer with fixes on the reported issues from the transfer
-Several more bug fixes

We are finally making incredible progress to where there's only going to be nitpicking at minor issues for the official release, so thank you so much for all the effort and time you guys have been putting in! Smile
Hey Folks,

We have a major new build up that should rectify all the major issues. bubble errors, challenge progression, freezing, etc.

We'll be doing one more final test transfer soon and then we'll be going official. Definitely seeming like 3-4 days for official transfer now.

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