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::::: Introduction :::::
Howdy Folks,

We are ready for testing on the new service!

I ask that testers keep up to date on the forums section about the testing to understand where we are, what is being tested, what does or doesn't work. 

What you need to know for the testing:
  • Existing accounts have not been transferred. You will need to create a new account for testing.
  • Logging in, and creation may take up to 20 seconds. This is known and will not be like this on the official release.
  • TEST everything. We want to make sure everything works as intended out of the box.
  • The servers may go down at any point. Please don't report this unless you have checked in with the forum status to ensure it wasn't a planned restart of the service.
  • Please only report issues that relate to stability or are new issues that were not present in the current service and are not mentioned to already be known.
  • These testing accounts may be cleared out at any time.

To access to test client:

The test client Access:

I really appreciate anyone assisting with these tests Smile


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