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Ascension Point Presets
Well the ascension point system was never meant to be based on free resets. Back when the game was released on Kong Ray said they would only be free for a little while to help people ease into the game. He was supposed to change it to cost AP but with the way the game is set up to heavily rely on resets, I guess he changed his mind. Ascension point preset loadable builds would be awesome. Once you get around 410 in a guild with fortress around 15, the only things you have to reset for are pet train and woodcutting. At that point you can run autos 5/5/5 and pets 5/5 if you want. I personally run 5/5/5 pets 4/5 with double train always active so I don't have to reset for it every few hours. I'd love to be able to click a button and have it auto respec for woodcutting then auto respec back. The respec builds shouldn't be free but shouldn't cost anything substantial. I'd say make it cost a few dozen AP for the slots up to a certain level. Then have the slots activate for free once you hit something like 300 or 400. The only use for them would be idle builds/challenge builds/pet train/woodcut.
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