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Just a quick suggestion, when highlighting in chat, background is brown and highlight is black, could you change the color to make it more obvious if you've highlighted it or not, and make Ctrl + C not open the character info please?

It's a pretty heavy annoyance.

Also: For mac users it would need to be Command + C
Pretty much just need to make it so if a function (Ctrl or CMD) is pressed, C will be an invalid hotkey.
Please and thank you. We're always share nude pics in guild chat and the tedious effort required to get a link highlighted is annoying.
Poems > Insane: "I need a party with similar dps"
Insane > Guild: "He's rudely demanding to be carried by 30m dps people, kick him now"
Guild > Poems: "We have proof you were rudely demanding to be carried"
Poems > Everyone: "Show a screenshot of it"
Everyone > Poems: "We can't, but his word is enough for us"


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