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Specific inferno tier level selection
Having to manually click to go up any number of tiers is tedious. Especially when using abilities. If someone is idling on tier x but can tear through mobs 50-100 tiers higher with abilities, no one is going to be bothered to click 100 times between each ability usage. Game needs either go up/down by 10/50/100 tiers option or a box to enter specific tier you want to change to. Would give abilities while hunting so much more usefulness, and lead to faster progression for a lot of people.
Poems > Insane: "I need a party with similar dps"
Insane > Guild: "He's rudely demanding to be carried by 30m dps people, kick him now"
Guild > Poems: "We have proof you were rudely demanding to be carried"
Poems > Everyone: "Show a screenshot of it"
Everyone > Poems: "We can't, but his word is enough for us"

Yeesss something like this would be great
Has been also been suggested

I'd prefer to just be able to type it into the box rather than a x10/x50 up kind of thing.


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