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[Guide] Addressing the Memory Leak in Flash Version 20
As many of you are aware, when run with the current version of flash player (at the time of writing, version, the game experiences a "memory leak" - that is, it gradually reduces the computer's available memory, and ultimately crashes the game after some time.

There are a number of solutions to this problem, but I am writing this guide to attempt to provide the simplest, which is to run the game with an unaffected version of the flash player (specifically, version 19).

Whilst this solution would also resolve the issue for players on every platform, if the appropriate flash variables were appended to the client URL as a query string, I can only provide instructions or support for players who access the game through in order to remain within the terms set by our partner platforms.

The first step, is to download flash version 19, which is available here (official archive): (259 MB~)

After extracting the contents of this zip file, you will be presented with two folders. One folder (19_0_r0_245) contains the standard version of the flash player, whilst the other (19_0_r0_245_debug) contains the debug player.

Open the 19_0_r0_245 folder, which contains a number of relevant flash version 19 files.

flahsplayer19_0r0_245_sa.exe is the standalone flash player for windows, it will allow you to run flash version 19 without un-installing any existing browser plugins.

Likewise, for mac users, flahsplayer19_0r0_245_sa.dmg serves the same purpose.

Opening the standalone flash player will allow you to open the game's client URL directly (file -> open)


From here, you can log into the game with your usual credentials, and the result is a self-contained IOU client, which is not affected by the memory leak.

[Image: f9LnJIK.png]

I hope that this helps. If you're having any difficulty following the instructions, please feel free to send me a forum PM, and I'll do what I can to help.
That double crit though.....

I mean ugh.. Thanks Alice!
there a way to use Kong on this!? LOL
(01-19-2016, 10:22 PM)Kaerfameer Wrote: there a way to use Kong on this!? LOL

I don't think they'd like that, but yeah.
You can usually find me here!
(01-19-2016, 10:22 PM)Kaerfameer Wrote: there a way to use Kong on this!? LOL

Probably not, kong doesn't like it.
easiest way for kong-users: use an addon to autorefresh at a certain interval. i'm using one, refreshing every 60 minutes.
nah, i knew it, just sarcasm. I use the Refresher addon too, i got it for every 8 hours.
Try this, as Alice mentioned you'll want version 19:
here is some help for getting Kongregate and Facebook to standalone Smile
Do you need a new link to play 0.67 from the SA flash player? i only get sent to 0.66 when i try to use the SA with
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