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Cards < & > buttons
This suggestion was further brought to my attention by: Koncrete <- Credit him


Open up the cards menu. Now scroll through your cards to the last stage.
You'll notice you're forced to 'move' to the right in order to reach the last stage.

You should be able to get to the highest stage of that world simply by clicking the left button from the first stage.
Same thing goes vise versa (getting to the first stage from 'moving' to the right at the last stage)

*Similar to how it works when opening card packs* 

>This would be very helpful when you're looking through your cards on worlds with more stages<
I've always kinda wondered why this wasn't implemented.
Another thing that would be nice, when it comes to cards packs and you have multiples would be to basically resume where you last opened a cards pack not where you're currently farming.
+1 to this suggestion

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