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Expanding expeditions
The following idea was inspired by the other game's system, but it varies from it completely.

The idea is to make expeditions more interseting and a greater part of the game.

Here we go. Enumerated, as usual.

  1. Firsly, replace gold expeditions with anything else. Noone does them. I can suggest crystals ones. Rewards and durations the same as for diamond expeditions.
  2. Allow 4th ship to be purchasable. For the 8400 points mark. Allow expanding upgrades up to level 20.
    So far pretty basic stuff, but from now on, the real expansion starts.
  3. Add "Expeditionist mastery". This basically counts how many expedition points have you collected so far (but this will NOT work retro-way. Why? So it could bring more fun and set a proper goal to achieve). The mastery provides small bonuses and unlocks various things related to expeditions based on the level of the mastery.
  4. Expedition points required for each level are based on simple formula. Level N requires 100*N on top of what previous required. So:
    - 100 cumulative for level 1
    - 300=100+200 cumulative for level 2
    - 600=300+300 cumulative for level 3
    - 1000=600+400 cumulative  for level 4
    - etc
  5. Now we need to establish what basic bonuses are. Each level provides the following:
    - 0.5% gold bonus from monsters, additive to all other additive gold bonuses,
    - 0.25% exp bonus, the rules are as above,
    - 0.25% damage bonus, multiplicative w.r.t. base. This could apply to pets too, with doubled rate.
  6. Next is to describe what kind of things can be unlocked from various levels of the mastery.
    - level 1 - unlocks "Cancel expedition" ability. No cost. 
    - level 2 - unlocks "Insurance" buff. Grants no failure to chosen expedition. Costs half of how many points the expedition we want to buff grants (this does not reduce the expedition points reward!)
    - level 4 - unlocks "Lucky day". Doubles chances for extra rewards. Expeiditon cannot fail. Costs 5 point for each BASE hour of duration. 20h expedition will cost 100 points regardless of any upgrades recuding time.
    - level 7 - unlocks "Instant". Completes selected expedition instantly. Costs 10 points for each hour of the expedition left. Rounded UP.
    - level 8 - unlocks "Rest time!". Allows trading expedition points to rested time. At a rate of 100 points for 15 minutes.
    - level 10 - unlocks ACTIVE EXPEDITIONS. Details below. 
    - further levels later.
  7. Active expeditions are a new way of doing expeditions. Current ones can be classified as passive, as you just click "start" and they are done automatically. For active ones here is the idea:
    - You own a ship, that has to be navigated through randomly generated map. The map consists of "empty space, "asteroids" and "Planet" areas.
    - You navigate your ship (by clicking) through the map (can only move to adjacent squares) and find the "Planet". Only initial square and up to 4 adjacent are visible. Any other can be uncovered only if you are in adjacent square too.
    - Once you do it, you are given random reward, such as 2 diamonds, 1 EP, 2 crystals, 5min of rested time, extra expedition points, random number of stones (1000-5000) etc. There is fixed reward of 5 expeidtion points for each active expedition completed.
    - Once you find "asteroid", you can mine them for extra reward. There is 1% chance for 1 crystal and 10% chance for 100 stones. However, mining asteroids lasts 5 sec each.
    - The map should be around 10x10 squares and completion should take up to 5 minutes.
    - There should be around 50 asteroids on the map. The number can be randomly generated too, to be between 30 and 60. 
    - You can do 4 active expeditons per day. Completing one starts 1h cooldown timer. That is not affected by trophies/ship upgrades.
    - The number of active expeditions can be increased with the aid of mastery.
  8. Further mastery bonuses:
    - Level 11 - allows 5 active expeditions per day.
    - Level 12 - reduce cooldown timer by 5min.
    - Level 14 - allows 6 active expeditions.
    - Level 15 - reduce cooldown by another 5 min. Reduce mining time of the asteroid by 1 second.
    - Level 17 - 7 active expeditions.
    - Level 20 - reduce cooldown by another 5min. 8 active expeditions. Reduce mining time of the asteroid by another 1 second.
    From now on, each 5 levels grant 3 min reduction and 1 active expedition more.
    Cooldown caps at 30min though, so active expeditions cap at 48.
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Very nice and big expansion for expeditions.
Nice run 'til now.
Brousers idea is amazing, even if not all are implemented. Should give Ray a lot of things to add gradually if he decides to add those to his own plans
Sounds great! +1
To those looking for more active playing rewards might actually like this idea, just have to be careful the rewards for doing so doesn't get too rewarding that its feels necessary.

I do think this can work, its a very good idea.
I concur.
You can usually find me here!
I would like this a lot. Great suggestion!
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The active expedition seems like it would only happen in an event (idk why Tongue), though would be coo' nice idea.

Like this a lot it actually makes expeditions/time played have a nice impact on the player; though the level system may need some tweaks.

+ 1
very well thought out

One remark:
Being limited to 4 active expeditions it is best to harvest all asteroids before going to the planet to end the expedition. Some kind of limiting factor(fuel, time, chance to crash into the asteroid -> fail expedition) would help. Also could add a chance of pirates hunting which increases with every asteroid harvested
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I really like this. Expeditions do need more stuff and what you said would make them more interesting.

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