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New Event/Challenge mechanic
A couple of years back I was thinking about different ways to make a game with pay options, like IOU, create a culture where free to play players appreciate pay to win players. Just realized today that one of those mechanics would work perfectly for some events and possibly another infinite series challenge mode.

The idea is that you get a 1% boost for every player that is on the same level or has beaten the level that you are attempting. This means that all players give a boost to players behind them and get a boost to players that are equal to them and ahead of them. The result is that weaker players want the strong players to get further ahead because it helps them.

It would also benefit the strong players since every level a weaker player beats makes it easier for more players to get to the same level they are and give them a boost. If 100 players beat the level right before the top player then anyone just behind them would get a 100% boost, if that means even 10 more players get to their level then that is another 10% boost when they try to go to the next level. Basically a bunch of weaker players can help push the entire stack of players ahead and get the top players just a little bit further.

It certainly isn't a mechanic I'd use for an entire game, but for an event or a single infinite challenge mode it would be a fun part of the game. Plus it would encourage everyone to be active, the sooner they beat a level the more likely others will get to their level or beat that level and help them get even further.

If it's for an event I think everyone should get a bonus reward at the end based on the highest level beaten in addition to rewards for each level beaten.
Sounds interesting.
It could work, not bad. If it was based on challenges couldn't a lot of people just make alts to gain everyone else damage though? (There's a lot of alts, and the amount of people that come in to play the game might be un-predictable; making the % boost very hard to balance)

Come to think of it couldn't this work for 'dungeons' or 'beast arena' in guild buildings? So the increase is dependant on the players in your guild completing the challenge?

Either way I guess this mechanic could make the game play 'fairer,' nice idea.
i think with how fast people move up in the challenge series, there will need to be a hp increase alongside this change personally
(01-04-2016, 11:42 PM)aphixia Wrote: i think with how fast people move up in the challenge series, there will need to be a hp increase alongside this change personally

That would make this suggestion null and void!
What he is suggesting isn't for the current event, or challenges but for the ones to come. He is saying that for every X person at or above level 10 on the inf or santa x2 you get x% damage boost to help you catch up, once you have surpassed everyone else you no longer have that boost but you now boost them. What he gave is only an example, and this is just me dumbing it down.

It's a good idea one I have seen in many other games in other forms, example other idle games use a single player method, get to X point reset get X points to grow faster and farther.
This idea is a multiplayer format of that, X player(s) is at X point ahead or at the same point of you, get X% (in this case Damage) to help you catch up, making the monster's HP go up alongside this makes the suggestion null and void.
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+1 Interesting idea, I'd like too see something like this come in to play.
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I'm not sure how it would balance exactly, but that's a brilliant idea!
One of the big reasons I proposed it as a new challenge mode or a new event is so that the balancing and alts wouldn't be as big a worry. Obviously each monster/level would have to be at least 2-10 times as powerful as the previous one, instead of the current 10% or less otherwise it would just be a ton of grinding. I'd expect something like 5 times. But after that I'm pretty sure it will basically self balance since it's based on all the players rather than just the top few. Plus alt creation would just impact the first few monsters/levels which everyone could beat anyway.

I'm not suggesting it for the entire game, or even all events and/or challenges. I'm just suggesting it for a part of the game. Pretty sure both F2P and P2W players will both like it for totally different reasons lol.

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