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How about if your account could equip certain items?

Items being drops from monsters, like cards. Except items could differ in rarity/levels and such.
This would give some diversity to accounts vs everything being just levels, cards, and bonuses.
I would love this, makes a use for the 'inspect' button; though doesn't exactly follow along with how the games going.
(Brings the game to a whole new direction) would be somewhat of a massive change. I still can't say It's bad, if this was implemented in the game though it would most likely just be in the upgrades menu with gold/ap to purchase items? Having an item drop chance would be awesome but idk if it fits with IOU.

Either way if its possible, helllll yeaaaaaahhhhhh
Cool idea. Definitely adds a grindy RNG factor (which I love). There would need to be an item capacity for inventory of like 10 or so, so that people don't have a cumbersome inventory of 5000 items they have to sort through. This would also ensure active players are more often rewarded. Breaking down an item into materials could be something simple based on rarity. Common = gold, Uncommon = 1-3 AP, Rare = 10-20 crystals, Super rare (or whatever) = 5-20 S.O.

Items would be something like a single artifact you can equip that add x modifier to a specific or multiple things ranging anywhere from pet damage or speed to increased gold income.
Just spitballing, but again, cool idea.
I'd love to see weapons and such added to the game, since we are basicly KILLING stuff all day everyday
Weapons should most likely give dmg, rare weapon giving more, but I'd like to see different kinds of weapons too

Sword would be the 'most basic' weapon, giving a small bonus in both dmg and attack speed (both idle and click)
Axe could give less attack speed, more dmg
Dagger more attack speed, less dmg
Staves could give about the same as sword, but no attack speed, but some bonuses to the skills (magics, you know )
Spears could give a bonus in crits
Guns a bonus in double attacks
and so on and so on

I'd also like to see some gear, but not really armor per say, since we dont have health bar, or anything of the sorts, but some gear that could give bonuses to skills, increase gold coin, increase treasure spawns etc etc
I'm not putting any numbers down, because quite honestly, I don't know what could be appropriate for such bonuses, but the idea is definitly there =)

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