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Suggestion: Chat Improvements
1. Players can spam chat.
2. Players cant ignore other players.
3. Profanity filter for minors.
4. Guild message of the day.
5. Chat emoticons.
6. Private chat.
7. Friends.
8. Notifications.
Hey Danawar, thanks for the suggestions!

Let me respond to each:

1 & 2: The chat is only party members and guild right now. If someone gets ridiculous for now, it would be suggested they be booted from the guild in the meantime, however I will add some kind of spam filter soonish. Thanks for bringing it up.
3. Absolutely, good call, thank you.
4. The guild MOTD is shown at the top of the guild window actually.
5. hmm...i'm not sure i'll be able to add these effectively for now. The chat uses very basic parsing/formatting. Adding image support would cause quite a performance drop, and the game will be released on mobile eventually. I'll keep it in mind in case something comes up that would make that a bit more simple.
6 / 7. I'll add this to a poll soon I think for possible next major features.
8. Can you clarify more on this?
Remember these are just recommendations i have found there are notifications.
(12-23-2014, 08:26 AM)Danawar2 Wrote: 7. Friends.
8. Notifications.

Going on with those 2, getting notified a friend has logged on/off same with guild(not sure if that is already in).
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