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v0.25g Patchnotes
  • -ADD: You can now press enter to hack at a tree
  • -ADD: Monsters at every 25th level now give an exponentially higher rate of experience and gold
  • -ADD: You can now see woodcutting damage
  • -ADD: Three new one-time packs [Beginner, Investor, Food Pack]
  • -FIX: Ascension option should not longer appear before level 40
  • -FIX: Chat should no longer disappear when out of a guild
  • -FIX: Chest Claim timer should now update on Chest Claim Reduce trophy upgrade
  • -FIX: Chat notifications should show up in proper categories now
  • -FIX: Guild leaders can now disband their own guilds
  • -FIX: Guild manage button back for non-leader members
  • -FIX: Timers for Expeditions,Pet Training, Chest Claims, and Woodcutting have been switched to a more stable countdown mechanism
  • -BALANCE: Time Extend, HP Reductions, Spawn Chance upgrades now use the highest upgrade level within a party
  • -VISUAL: Your battle damage text will no longer stack into each other

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