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#BlameBob - Finals Bracket!
Heya again!  This will be the last part of this competition, I swear. =P

So, to recap:  Over the past 3 weeks you guys have submitted and voted on entries related to the #BlameBob meme (you know, the one that's attributed all sorts of server shenanigans and insanely bad luck streaks to yours truly).  Now there's one last tournament to determine the Community Champion.

How this works:  It's a simple 1-on-1 bracket, single-elimination style.  I've seeded the entries roughly according to vote tallies from the general elimination round.

For the first 2 days of these finals (Tuesday/Wednesday), you guys will get 1 vote on each of the four quarterfinal matchups.  Cutoff will be at the server rollover Wednesday night.

For the 2 days after that (Thursday/Friday), you guys will again get 1 vote on each of the two semifinal matchups.  Cutoff will be at server rollover Friday night.

For the 3 days at the end of the week (Saturday/Sunday/Monday), the final match to decide the Community Champion will take place.  Voting closes at the end of Monday night, and the winner will be taking home one of the Grand Prize packages.


Speaking of which, what are we playing for?  I think it's time I told you.

The Grand Prize package contains quite a few useful treats:

• 22 days' worth of double card drop (or 786 diamonds, at least, if we can't make that happen)
• 11 dynamite (it would have been 22, but changes to mining a while back doubled the effective value of dynamite)
• 3033 Pet Points (it would have been 10110, but this option doesn't cost AP, therefore it is only 30% of the full value)
• Card Packs:  1 Tiny, 0 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large, and 0 Jumbo

There will be more than one Grand Prize package.  One of these is guaranteed to go to the crowd favorite here, but we will be judging from all the submissions (not just those in the final 8) to pick a couple more winners.  So don't count yourself out of it yet if you're not in the finals. =)

There will also be a participation prize package, which will be awarded to anybody that took part in this competition:

• 22 Diamonds
• 22 AP
• 22 Pet Food
• 22 Wood
• 22 Stone
• 10110 gold

I am of course worried about alts, so I'll be checking to make sure nobody abuses this (one vote per player, please). Wink

The next post will list the matchups taking place.
Quarterfinal Round:

[Seed 1 - Blarog] vs [Seed 8 - Azukana]
[Seed 2 - Lolleh] vs [Seed 7 - RealyFluffy(2)]
[Seed 3 - Gannon(2)] vs [Seed 6 - bucky1andonly(2)]
[Seed 4 - Andez] vs [Seed 5 - Mars111]

Semifinal Round:

[Azukana] vs [Gannon]
[RealyFluffy] vs [Andez]

Grand Finals:

[Azukana] vs [RealyFluffy]

For your reference, here are each of the submissions:



RealyFluffy's entry
[Image: ee99fa6a4a4aaf65f12dd1a9a44a5cad.png]



#1: Blarog's entry
[Image: 94FuP4a.gif]

#2: Lolleh's entry (also a grand prize winner!)
[Image: En0v3lK.jpg]

#3: Gannon's entry
[Image: xGM0IlW.jpg]

#4: Andez's entry
[Image: lmre2.jpg]

#5: Mars111's entry (also a grand prize winner!)
[Image: 762353766488c0e23063e3fa81556ba6.png]

#6: bucky1andonly's entry
[Image: KacZznG.png]

#7: Azukana's entry
"I blame Bob for the meaning of life not being simpler. Even I can think of a number smaller than 42. #BlameBob"
Match-up 1: Azukana
Match-up 2: RealyFluffy
Match-up 3: Gannon
Match-up 4: Andez
vote: #2 Lolleh
votes :

1st : Blarog #1

2nd : Lolleh #2

3rd : bucky1andomaly (2) #6

4th : Andez #4
Nice run 'til now.
You can usually find me here!
Match 1: #1: Blarog

Match 2: #2: Lolleh

Match 3: #3: Gannon (2)

Match 4: #5: Mars111
IGN: Mythic       Guild: Chaos
Match-up 1: Azukana
Match-up 2: RealyFluffy
Match-up 3: Gannon
Match-up 4: Andez
EdenTier0 | Level: 200 | IOU Score: 17,862 | Cards: 48,586 | Event Points: 540 | Forest 24 | Mine 103
Days Played: 516 | Guild Upgrades: 25 Dmg/8 Pet/10 XP/30 Gold | 4* Dmg/Wood/Stone/Gold Orbs
Total Gold: 346b | Total XP: 188b | Support Level: 8 | Lifetime Kills: 26.4m

Shoutout to my guildies in Love!
#8 azukana
#7 RealyFluffy ( is it allowed to vote on your self?)
#6 buckey1andonly
#4 andez
//RealyFluffy  LVL 291 EdenRegenesis

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