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#BlameBob Community Judging Round
Heya guys, it's time to figure out which of the entries from our blame-filled competition takes the cake as the best (or worst) thing I've been blamed for.  Of course, it wouldn't be a community competition without the community getting involved, so this time we're going to ask the community to help us decide at least one of the winners!


Here's how this will work...There will be two phases to the community judging.  Phase one is simple.  Each person has 3 votes, which must abide by these rules:

(1) Each entry voted for must be from different players.  You cannot vote for both of a single player's entries.
(2) You cannot vote for your own entries.
(3) You may choose to use any number of your votes, including none of them at all if you so wish.

I'll likely do something to prevent a stalemate of players simply not voting for rivals, such as automatically adding 0.5 votes on each of your entries for each vote cast on someone else's entry.


Once this judging round has ended in one week, I'll gather up the eight most popular entries from different players and pitting them against one another, 1v1 tournament style, over the 7-day period after that (one matchup per day).  Chances are I may be using Chatzy's polling system and/or making more forum threads when that time comes.  The champion at the end of that will be receiving one of the #BlameBob winner packs, along with a couple other entries of honorable mention (decided by myself and possibly Ray).

What's in this prize pack?  Hehe.  I have a pretty good idea of what's in it, but you'll have to wait until I announce that in one week's time. Wink

Have fun, and may the best blames win!
My votes:
1. Blarog, post #60 <--- mabe me laugh the most.
2. Gannon, post #13, submission #2 <--- that made me want to "cry laughing"
3. Lolleh, post #31 <--- also vary good.
IGN: Mythic       Guild: Chaos
bucky1andonly, post #26, submission #2, blue screen of death
feen, post #41, submission #2, "I can't explain it"
passionrc, post #52, Jelly side down toast
I vote for Ogrre's first entry. The large rinded lemons.
Lolleh, post #31
my votes!

post #34 azukama entry #1
post #50 Andez
post #56 tuffymon
//RealyFluffy  LVL 291 EdenRegenesis
* Blarog, post #60
* Ray, post #24, entry 2
* SimplyPresent, post #32
Why not vote me?

"I must blame Bob for banning me for no reason in Chatzy."

This is very funny. I was trying to get members to vote me...! I am very unlucky and I can't win this! I have to blame Bob because I'm unlucky!

Also, 3 choices.
Lolleh. Andez. Ray.
In no particular order:

Gannon (because it's corny and I love it)- "Bob spilled spot remover on my dog, and then he was gone. #Blamebob"

Melichar (because Diablo)- "Everywhere bob goes, error 37 follows #Blamebob (Picture)"

Blarog (because hilarious)- "Guess which one is Bob (gif)"
IOU Magsie
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In order of appearance in the thread

Gannon #2 (the easter thing) post #13 because because... poor bunnies Sad(  And how will I get my chocolate dose next year??  

Melichar, post #25 because I am a fan of diablo

Elandiro second entry, post #27, because I wish I would be able to blame bob for that!

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