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I'm not trying to make you and me rude, but...
...How we can simply get unbanned in Chatzy? I cannot access Chatzy in my PC of Windows 7. I and my sister cannot access IOU chat in chatzy. It says that I'm banned, and even when I switch from my main to my sister's account, she cannot also access IOU chat.

My sister plays IOU on a another PC now. On a another PC, Chatzy works (my sister and me, using another PC, can access Chatzy). This is because my another PC has a different IP, and I do not know what is my IP.

Don't give me jokes, I and my sister used to love jokes on IOU, but now I and my sister hates jokes like "Analog is hacked". I also said that Analog was hacked and me and my sister's account on forums was banned for no reason (1 month ban, no reason). I didn't do anything and I ragequitted IOU.

Now that I'm back, can one of them (Ray or Analog) unban me on Chatzy? I would like to chat with my friends (5 of 22 is online on IOU as of now, of which 2 has been banned from IOU chatzy) as one of them want to learn with me how to get more IOU score and more power so I can team with better party.

Don't give me a decrease in reputation, someone just gave me -1 for no reason.
You should get unbanned now that i understand !

Btw sorry for the -1 at reputation Big Grin

So here are 6+ at rep Big Grin
Nice run 'til now.
I reached my rep giving max now !
Also i reported my rep -1 !
Nice run 'til now.
Finally, a double post, and then a great boost in my rep (I mean, great boost in +1, making me have good rep of 5).
just change your ip and behave Smile
Andez - Click Heroes
My rep is -8. <3 haters.
Haters gonna hate.
Nice run 'til now.
(09-29-2015, 12:54 AM)Andez Wrote: just change your ip and behave Smile

Can't =(

Also this is urgent (I mean what I said on the post #1 is urgent)
lol wb. I think Ray has missed you.

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