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Inferno Tier Change Response
[Image: BIyUAGK.png]

I'm not sure about "able to beat" vs. training there, but anyone who was training in inferno 100+ has spent a sum of money that would include a comma in the figure to be there that quickly. Anyone training in 50+ had spent atleast $500-700+. Now those who spent $500-700+ and were training in 50 are in 30-35ish or so... and rate of progression for 100 looks pretty far from where I'm standing at lv.260 in inferno 34.

Anywho.. Not sure how it will work out long run, but from where I see it currently everythings maxed and I'm just getting a upgrade or 2 a day in Auto Dmg level. Grind like that and slower up till inferno 100 seem like it going to get pretttttyyy slow.

I think maybe those who were in such high inferno its because of the auto dmg upgrades they prob bought with AP and crazy support/auto speed vs average player who was eons away from them in raw xp. Now they are even further Eons. And their task ahead to climb high is equally diminished.

EDIT: TLDR; "You payed me too much to be too strong too quickly so I have to nerf the game"
Yup that is the inherent danger of not having any limits on power from spending. I feel like the game shouldnt be balanced around the top whales since this will effectively slow down everyone even more Smile

Put for the moment its fine gives Ray some time to work on next tir before the majority reach end game
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