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Card info when opening packs
This was brought up on the facebook page, but in case the idea gets lost a midst claims of being first and requests for codes I decided to bring it up here.  It would be super useful if there was information about the cards in the U.I when you are opening up packs. e.g the current number of cards you have and whether the monster is a boss.
Agreed we also discussed this in Revenants. Would make things alot easier

I would also like to append the ability to retain the card pack opening screen if I have multiple packs so I don't need to re-select a boss dude i'm opening multiple packs for.

and some extra chars so it will allow me to post.
Number of cards you have of the mob selected shown on interface would be a lot easier then backing out checking #'s on other screen then coming back in.
Plus, displaying "*BOSS*" would be helpful, too.
Absolutely agreed, on both the number of current cards and on a "boss" info graphic.
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