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Switch Ascension Tiers
Would be nice to be able to switch ascension tiers to help lower level guild members. Perhaps limit cards you get even more to make this feature work without breaking the game balance.


I recognize that power leveling is probably the reason ascension tier switching is not enabled. A way to make this work in the economy system would be to charge say 500 diamonds for tier switching for say 7 days - similar to the double card drops. This would greatly limit power-leveling and also feed the economy of the game.
I think they want to prevent power leveling as much as they can.
I agree that may be the case. Perhaps another way is to make switching tiers a hefty diamond purchase that would expire after 7 days like the double cards. That would at least limit the amount of power leveling that could be done within a guild.
Another option is to put in an gold and/or XP penalty so:

the idler swiching down gain zero gold/XP
the idler being helped gain 10% less gold/XP per ties swiched down...

A guild building could decrease the penalty...

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