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[Rank 4] -- [ Revenants ] -- Looking for 2 members !
Guild Rank - 4
Members - 23/25

Revenants is looking for a members! Take your chance and join us Smile.

We have a goal to be in the first top 10 guilds, so we are trying to play as efficient as we can, coordinating stuff and working as a team Smile.

So we really need you to be active, More below...

What we want:
  • High activity  - Being online most of the day 
  • 500k DPS+ /or high support level 9+
  • Investing into guild buildings - guild will benefit from you being the member and you will benefit from upgrades Smile

What we offer:
  • Guildhall lv15
  • Warehouse lv12
  • Stables lv10
  • Fortress lv11
  • Altar lv8
  • Friendly and helpful community
  • Partying with guild members (more effective than with random ppl)
  • Random fun in chat etc Smile) (we like to talk mostly)
Bump - still one free slot Smile
slight edit + bump Smile
we just got new GH level and our members status is now 15/16 so we are still looking for +1
Edited... btw we are full now, anyway... we want to replace 1-2 players in our guild. Feel free to ask, if we have still free spot, or not... or for additional info Smile.
Fortress 4 Ready ! We are full now, but there is always room for exceptional players Smile
Thumbs Up 
edited  Cool
Fortress lv5 Completed
Altar lv4 Completed
Rank 34 -> 31
Do you have spot left?

Im very active, lvl 72, IOU: 3074

Name: Ker0
No spot lefts, tho we have 1-2 players not so active, but we would like to change them only with high iou score players (lets say 11k+)

btw Rank 31 -> 30
Rank 30 -> 25
We are progressing swiftly Smile. Soon we will upgrade our GH to lvl 7. Still looking for exceptional players (high score and activity !).

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