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Rested time + Clean energy event bug
every time i refresh after trying to buy or upgrade anything for event, it keeps saying i have rested time.
but if i refresh normally it does not.

but every time i try to buy anything for clean energy event, the resource is taken and the banner says complete
but it does not...

and after refresh everything is as it was before..

except the rested time is tied to a certain time..
so before it was 4, then 5.. and now im getting 9 minutes after refresh.

doesnt seem like a big problem unless it does not let me buy the last orb which i will get in a few minutes :S


wasnt just that.
couldnt cut wood or mine stone or train pets or claim expeditions.
everything seems to work until refresh except for claiming expeditions (the buttons do not respond)

after a lot of testing...
found out.. had to leave party and rejoin to fix the issue.

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