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Power Orb cost bug

I'm trying to get Power Orb Level 21. Earlier today, it was fine. Now it is showing -1,794,967 for # of orbs to open.
I've reached the 250,000k point that should have opened it, and it doesn't work, so it doesn't appear to be a display bug.

I have attached a screenshot.



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have you refreshed game? lv 22 doesn't cost 250,000k as well..
Yes - I've restarted the browser and tried again - same thing. And it showed costing 250,000k this morning.
Ok, i just went back in and now it shows 500,000k.
On a related note people in the chat are saying their orb price is staying steady at 250k up to level 25 with decon 50, whereas mine is 500k at 22.
mine is 1,250kk at 20 -> 21

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