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Event prices bug
I dont know if this is a bug or not, but for me it makes no sense so im gonna "report" it.

Yesterday I was waiting to buy the 19th orb (250M power with lvl 50 deconcentration), today, when I came back home after work I had enough money (and like 120M more) to buy it, so I did. But as everyone would think, 20th orb didnt cost 500M or something like that, it is only 50M, and the next one, 21st is only 125M.

Is it intended or its bugged?
21 is 125 really ? i just reach 20 :|
New instances should resolve pricing.
Yes, and lvl 22 is 250M again, i just bought it to see if it was all like this and it is.

What will happend whit this bugged orbs me and a lot of ppl more have bought?
I think two options are the best to apply in this case:

- Set the bugged price again for everyone to take those prices as an event ending gift.
- Take back the prices from people who exploit the bug (which I think is a lot harder).

What do you think about?
This is still an issue. I was able to purchase the level 20 orb for 50M, thought it was an error in displayed price as the cost should be ~500M with level 50 Deconcentration. The level 21 orb is now displaying cost of 125M.
I dont think we should keep the bugged prices, if we do i will buy the last orb before the event ends
The problem is still there. (after restart the game thanks to Windows-Update)

Power Orb lvl 19-> 20: 50M
Power Orb lvl 20-> 21: 125M (both after decon 50)

no fair it still 500,000k for me T-T
hmm, I still have level 21 orb at 125M... guess the bug still effects some players.

Well I wont be buying the level 21 orb as I would not be able to afford it if their was no bug. Also even though I am pretty sure I could have purchased the level 20 orb w/o the bug before the event ends I will keep what I earned from it encase the rewards are reclaimed somehow.

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