Poll: Do you guys like the banner ?
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It is Ok Tongue
Boooo ! So ugly !
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Do you guys like this ?
Hi guys,i made a banner for my guild and i don't know if it looks good. So i need your suggestion.

Vote up right there ^^^

Here is the pic :

[Image: LzeiRh2.png]
Nice run 'til now.
it is... very simplistic.
The white is spot on!
gotta say i kinda like it, but just because your guildname is Lazy Cats and the banner is a perfect example of the first part of your guildname Smile
At first I was like lolwat then I realized it was a small joke on your guild's name. I like it!
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Level 467
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lol .
(12-29-2015, 06:44 AM)Ragekai Wrote: lol             .

Rage,i am gonna get ya.
Nice run 'til now.
(12-29-2015, 06:51 AM)Sebinsky2014 Wrote:
(12-29-2015, 06:44 AM)Ragekai Wrote: lol             .

Rage,i am gonna get ya.

Why did you post pictures and sensitive info on forum ; after you already did it once on Kong, claiming it was your sister.
Now; yet again?
Btw-- I never had a skype.
And you trying to google-stalk me is scary, kid..
Merry Christmas, Sebinsky.

[Image: tmZxJNq.png]
It's beautiful Angel

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