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Other way to increase support lvl.
(09-30-2015, 12:55 PM)Aaron Storm Wrote:
(09-29-2015, 09:21 AM)Void Wrote:
(09-29-2015, 08:55 AM)Andez Wrote:
(09-29-2015, 08:07 AM)Ragekai Wrote: Eh don't think thatd be fair.
Obviously I won't hold the majority opinion here; since most are F2P by a huge margin.

But fact is:  Players who payed for support levels did so because they were buying an edge on the competition.  Some payed hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  To just give that edge away a few months after is ..well... it ain't pretty.

wouldn't you also get the same as the f2p though? So you would still be ahead of every f2p by the same amount you paid

Well actually he would get more if Ray bases it off of days played because most f2p players are on Kongregate, and the game has only been out for a few months there.

He seems to not care about then and instead thinks that f2p should suffer.

It's not that anyone thinks that f2p should suffer. It's that the suggestions that have been made are insane, like giving out the equivalent of 1k diamonds purchased every day towards support level. Sure f2p are all for that, but while they would gain 5-6 levels of support almost instantly players above level 10 would be lucky if they gained a single level. The cost per level of support goes up exponentially a lot, the top level 20 would cost around $100,000. In just a few months anyone that spent less than $1000 would probably be the same support level.

In addition there are a ton of new ways to get diamonds that are already planned for future patches.

If it's going to be anything based on days played it should probably just be a totally separate system like the support system but only based on time played.

What bugs me is that people want to hit those support levels as fast as possible. They seem to think it's not possible for them and that people that have spent just a few bucks more than them have this huge advantage. I've bought $300 worth of gems I'm support level 7. My brother is f2p and under 500 gems from support level 5. Are you really saying that my $300 into the game isn't worth a measly 2 support levels? The biggest difference isn't the support level anyway, it's the account upgrades. I'm at 90/100 he's at 25/60, my support level gives me a 8% exp bonus ahead of him, but my account upgrades give me a 40% boost. My support level again gives me a 8% boost over him in gold but my account upgrades give me a whole 65% boost over his. Oh an my support level gives me a tiny 4% boost to damage over him, which is far less than challenges, levels, cards, upgrades, pets, and basically anything else in the game that effects damage.

From a business perspective it gets even worse since support level is a major reason people have spent a lot of money on this game. Take that away and all you really have is the account upgrades. After a couple hundred bucks there is no reason to spend anymore, you have them maxed. And yet those players will still have a huge advantage over f2p players, it just won't be obvious.

Basically all this talk about support levels is crazy since that isn't what is slowing down f2p over p2w players. Instead ask for more diamonds so you can buy more account upgrades.

You might not think that f2p people should suffer, not many people do, but the way that Ragekai makes his posts is to where he doesn't really care about f2p. Are you defending him, or everyone (which I didn't say)?

We've already discussed in chatzy the bonuses between players with support levels and account upgrades and already now that account upgrades are the major exp/gold bonus givers.

From a business perspective Ray most likely wasn't thinking that tons of people were gonna donate over $1,000 just to get ahead in the game. When he first started the support system was the day that it became impossible to change it up. Yes, countless people have payed a lot of money just to ahead in the game, which most probably don't even think about supporting Ray. Ray can't take that away now. If he did he'd probably lose a vast majority of the players who payed to get ahead.

Making it rain diamonds isn't going to fix anything. If you are support 12, you won't gain a support level vs someone who is support 3. Unless the diamonds are balanced per support level, but either way...this won't solve anything.

(10-01-2015, 05:38 AM)Andez Wrote: I like the idea of a separate bonus for longevity, similar to the difference in support levels and event milestones

This is practically what we've discussed in Chatzy about a day ago. Instead of giving passive diamonds for a support level, which you might not even be able to buy anything with BUT the support levels (which doesn't do much), give a separate tier system for days played.
Should just ignore anything dealing with diamonds/support levels.
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