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Is there are anyone still playing this game?
I just start playing this game few hours ago and I love it. I know there is world chat in game but there is no one say anything in like 4 hours. I know there should be a lot of AFK player, but seem like this game is very "dead", is it? There is only 1 post in a month really? Is this game come to an end "close/delete"? How many people still playing this game 100, 1000, 10000+?
Hello STCB, thanks for showing an interest in the game and happy to hear you love it. Yes, there is many people playing the game. Alot of the chat happens on Discord, Chat in the game and here. Keep a look out maybe your timing is off. - Lynn
My Guild is pretty active and we write only in the GUild chat, and I think the most players do it.
Only the newbies write in the world chat or sometimes if one players help a other Smile
and "only 1 post in a month" what do you mean?

The forum is really not soo active, but it is an idle game it is not an MMORPG.
The people play it to have something in the background Smile

@Lynn still no avatar Q_Q Anonymus Lynn.
In my experience the Guild chats can be as or even more active as the official IOU chats.
If you're a very social player you should look for socially active Guilds to interact with players.

I'd recommend checking the #guild-and-party channel in the official game Discord chat to find the guilds I'm referring to.
Here's a link to the Discord -

Hope this helps
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