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Community Competition (Closed)
Hello everyone, I am very excited to announce a Friendly Community Competition.  As you all know, in the future we are looking at having different pets.  That's right, you will be able to choose the look of your pet instead of being bound by image set for the Tier of your pet.  So, what a great time to have you guys create possible pet designs for us to use for future development.

-There will be a limit of 2 submissions per person.

-Nothing copyright that isn't yours. We intend to potentially use these as skins within the game.
-Submissions MUST be posted on the forum.

You will have 2 weeks to come up with something good to be judged

We'll be picking what we believe to be the most fitting for IOU and selecting the winners internally.
We may also cast a vote on Discord or otherwise to get the community's opinion as well.

Rewards…     1st Place - 20,000 Diamonds
2nd Place - 16,000 Diamonds
3rd Place - 16,000 Diamonds
4th Place - 16,000 Diamonds
5th Place - 16,000 Diamonds

We'll determine participant rewards later, depending on the quality and effort of submissions left over beyond 5th place.

Good Luck Everyone!!!!
I submit Soon Man and Blue Carrot

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Here's my first entry. Big Grin 

The kiwi!

[Image: X5a7OaS.png]
Here's a look in game.

[Image: VpZxvLE.png]

Goodluck everyone!
Community helper
Discord Username: Level#0001

ign alaraune in case it gets confused between forum and ign
tablets are hard to use, this is better then my last attempt at something but im still bad ;w;
I prefer folklore myself so I think I'll go with my Wolpertinger.

First one I call Tri-Wolf.

[Image: yi6T1Ck.jpg]

Second one I call SixVixen (has 6 limbs).

[Image: dboncCv.jpg]
This is my submission... THE EYES TURN RED WHEN IT CRITS!!

[Image: ByMecgo8RH6hMoIYEKqijw.png]
My second Idea. Raiju both scary and cute.


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First entry Stickman (available in several colours to appease all)

[Image: mVsmR0aXQTmoNB11___PDQ.png]

Entry two. Fishy 

[Image: mha_M7keS3ak6Vdgv0UtUA.png]

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