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R2 games?
[Image: d35470d79caa4aeea2f4b5f3fe03807f.png]

Ray selling out to R2 games?
I hope not, and that this is just a way for Ray to get new players involved, and not have any of R2's cashgrabbing schemes that just frustrate players and make R2 rich with no care for the players ( going off past experience, of course)

i've not heard this mentioned anywhere yet, views/opinions???
R2 games is the single worst money hungry company out there. If Ray sells out to them, the game will die even faster than it already is. It'll bring in a few whales, but the damage will be done. I'm all for pushing the game out to different portals, but if he licenses the game out to them.
I'd like to take this opportunity to clear some things up here.

Yes, IOU is "partnered" with R2Games, but for the single purpose of using their networking to bring in new players.

They have no power over IOU.
They have no say in anything related to IOU.
They are just allowing IOU to be hosted on their networks.

As a former player of an R2Game, I completely understand the worry people have, and I've discussed it in detail. I assure you this is simply a tool to expand IOU, not change it.
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Hey guys,

Quote:IOU is "partnered" with R2Games

What Listat said, except this is incorrect as well. I don't deal with R2 at all. I'm 'partnered' with Kongregate, who publishes the game to other mediums.

I was concerned about this as well due to how most Asian publishing companies try to take stake and power over the development of the projects they sponsor (as i'm sure goes for the other games on R2), however this is a new type of launch by R2 for 'licensed' games. A distribution contract by R2 through Kongregate to bring their players to external games.

In short and full disclosure...I don't work with or for R2, and they don't work with me. They push players over to external games under their 'licensed' section (IOU is one of the first) and if those players make a purchase, they get a rev share like any other portal, simple as that.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up, i can rest easier now with that information!

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