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Full Version: Universal Forum Rules & Guidelines
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  1. Post new threads in the correct forum or sub-forum. Use your best judgement if you aren't sure.
  2. Title new threads with appropriate text. Be specific and unambiguous whenever possible.
  3. Forums and sub-forums may have additional or overriding rules to be followed.
  4. No:
    1. crude language, racism, etc.
    2. personal attacks nor harassment
    3. illegal discussions nor links
    4. spamming
    5. unauthorized advertising (including other games)
    6. inappropriate images, videos, etc.
    7. harmful links

  1. Avoid creating threads that are repeats of the same topic (without good reason, such as age, outdated info, salvaging derailed topic, etc.).
  2. Necroposting is allowable within reason (e.g. if old info is still valid, or able to be resolved, etc.).
  3. Be respectful of others within reason. (Heated discussions are fine, personal attacks are not.)
  4. Be respectful of developers within reason. (See previous guideline.)
  5. Limit nonsensical or borderline spam posts in the main forums. (But feel free to play around in the social forums.)
  6. No obnoxious signatures. (E.g., NSFW material, massively sized images, etc.)

Use common sense and best judgement. These rules are not meant to restrict discussions or opinions, but to provide an open and safe community for everyone to enjoy.

Moderators and developers may update these rules at any time if deemed necessary.